My name is Bob Paulus.
Born in '74 in The Netherlands.

My singing career started in a (blues) rock- n' roll band called "Robbie's Watching TV" at age 19.
Playing songs from CHUCK BERRY to STATUS QUO.
We played several shows with that band, and recorded two demos, but after a few years, I discovered that my vocal-style was changing from a more clean singing style to a style with a bit of a raw edge.
So I decided to form a new band with a couple of close friends.

I left 'Robbie's Watching TV' and continued my musical endeavor in a bikerrock-band called 'Bastards'. We played songs varying from MOTÖRHEAD to GEORGIA SATELLITES. 
We played show after show in bars, festivals, biker-meetings etc. etc.
Still my voice was growing stronger, I learned how to use it properly, and slowly began to get a grip on different vocal styles. From clean singing to my first attempts of grunting, growling and high pitched screams.
After about 6 years of playing tons of shows, and recording an EP and a CD, I found myselve on a crossroad again.
I loved playing with my friends, but metal and playing originals was where my heart truly was.
So I once again followed my gut-feeling and formed a new band.
'Haraszment' was born.
We started out as 'Sexual Haraszment' but after a short period we changed it to 'Haraszment' .
Starting out, we played songs of 'BUCKCHERRY' to 'SLASHES' SNAKEPIT' , and originals in that same style.
During that period something truly horrific happened to a very close friend of ours, and we channeled our pain, frustration, anger and all other feelings in a rock-ballad called 'MOON'.

This song was recorded late 2003, and was very well recieved in local media/radio.
A year later we recorded our first full-length album called 'The Edge of Life'. 
But at the time that album came out our songwriting-style had grown more and more metal. So shortly hereafter we recorded the album 'Hate is Here'.

About the same time we were asked to play a tribute-show at a local venue. We decided to play tribute to our long time heroes 'PANTERA' and our side project 'Cowboys from Hell' was born.
This turned out to be a great succes, and we proceeded in that direction.

The endless stream of gigs and rehearsals truly formed me into the vocalist I am today. Refining my variety of singing styles, from clean singing to grunting to screaming, with  more agression and proper use of my instrument.
But... I was back at playing covers, so when I was asked as a vocalist to join the resurrection of 'Hot 'n Steamy Monky Love', I didn't think twice.

Shortly after the first rehearsal we changed our name to 'Acid Deathtrip', and we played sludge - doom.
I approached a bit of a cleaner singing style then the useal screams and growls wich were the standard in the sludge-doom scene at that time, wich were reviewed as very refreshing and out of the box, and we scored a record-deal and recorded our self-titled debut.
This album and video-clips were very well recieved, and got great reviews.
After playing tons of shows, we recorded a EP called 'The Toneshed Sessions', which once again send us on the road, playing shows with 'KVELERTAK', 'ORANGE GOBLIN', 'MIDNIGHT' and many others.

In the meantime, I was asked to do my own interpretation and lyrics on a song which is featured on Roel van Helden's ('POWERWOLF') solo cd.

'Acid Deathtrip' got in contact with the French-based band 'HANGMAN'S CHAIR' and we decided to release a split EP.

But after yet again a ton of shows the private situation of all band members had changed so we decided to split up.

During the last months of 'Acid Deathtrip', I was contacted by Erwin of Toneshed Recording Studio, if I was willing to record vocals on a project he was working on. 
Erwin and I turned out to be souls alike, and we became close friends.
In a difficult time in my life, we recorded the 'ALICE IN CHAINS' song 'Nutshell' which you can listen in my playlist.

We continued planning studio time together, which resulted in a new studio project called 'Hacksaw'. Thrash metal!

Finally, I was where I wanted to be. 
Doing vocals in a professional studio!
And so the idea of being a studio/session vocalist was born.

In the media section of my website you can find a range of different music styles, from pop to metal, all of which I feel equally comfortable singing in.
This media section will be updated regularly.

So don't hesitate to contact me when you are in need of a vocalist. 
I can help with arrangements and lyrics when needed.
If you have a ready-to-go song, no problem at all, I'll sing as close as possible to your demo or file you send me.

Greetings Bob.